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March 11th, 2015

Planning an Event This Summer, Now is the Time to Reserve your Portable Toilets

What a winter it has been for the Northeast. You may be thinking about planning for events in the coming seasons, but the snow and cold defies the belief in warmer weather. No matter what event you are planning for the summer, The Drain Brain has portable toilets for your visitors and event.

The Drain Brain portable toilets Portable toilets are the realm of septic services in Tompkins County and provide necessary accommodations for your event goers. As with most large-scale fairs, shows, and displays it is necessary to provide bathroom facilities for the guests. These facilities include standard and handicap-accessible portable toilets or portable units such as the newer bathroom trailers that are being set up.

 Why Reserve Portable Toilets Now?

Yes, it’s still winter and summer seems a long way off. In Tompkins County and the surrounding areas,  Ithaca septic services know there is an increasing number of events and people that attend these venues. Each year, more people look for outdoor entertainment and shopping experiences as well as fairs and shows. Companies and organizations are meeting that need with an ever increasing array of events to suit many needs.

With that being said, it stands to reason that portable toilets provided by septic services in Ithaca, such as The Drain Brain, are booking up their supply earlier in the year than ever before. Portable toilets are needed at all events, and with the expectation of a larger, growing audience for the venue, many organizations are having to order up additional units to meet the need.

Ordering your portable toilets for your next event, well before the season, will ensure that you have the accommodations that you need when you need them.

Who Handles the Upkeep of Portable Toilets?

At event venues, portable toilets need constant and efficient cleaning and disposal of waste. The biggest complaint from visitors is the poor quality or horrid odor associated with portable toilets. Don’t leave this to chance and have disgruntled event goers on your hands.

The Drain Brain portable toiletsThe Drain Brain offers not only regular and consistent portable toilet cleaning and draining, but provide  emergency plumbing services in Ithaca. So if something goes wrong with a portable toilet system at your event, or they need more frequent servicing, call immediately for assistance.

Using the Ithaca septic services closest to your event venue will make everything go much smoother.  The Drain Brain has been providing portable toilets to small and large events in the Tompkins County area and can quickly assess the exact number of units your even will need.

Remember, before you know it, the fair and event season will be in full swing. Ordering your portable toilets from The Drain Brain, provider of septic services in Tompkins County, will assure you that you will have the best service, units, and the appropriate number of accommodations for your event.

Use the company you can trust and order early so that there will be enough units to fulfill requirements

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