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November 11th, 2015

Winterize Your Septic System

Another winter is soon upon us, and planning ahead to be sure your septic system is working well needs to be a priority. Septic services in Ithaca are often inundated with clogged and frozen septics at the first deep cold nights. Don’t be one of those homes that requires emergency septic pumping services in Ithaca. Last minute and emergency services will cost extra, and most situations can be prevented.

Winterize Your Septic System

Now this does not mean you put anything into your septic or pipes (unless you are leaving a property vacant for the winter – check with your Ithaca plumber for recommendations). What this does mean, though, is that if you are seeing any slow moving drains, back ups, or other issues like leaking pipes, you should contact The Drain Brain to evaluate the systems.

septic services in IthacaSlow draining is often a sign of either clogged pipes or full septic tanks. Leaving these to fester into the deep cold of winter can result in serious damage to the system and your home. Attend to any plumbing concerns now before it’s too late.

Septic systems need to be covered sufficiently with soil (check your local town/country septic guidelines for depth information). If, for some reason, soil has been removed from the septic tank and piping areas, be sure to replace it right now. Don’t wait for the cold to get into the ground.

Next thing, many of us shovel and snow blow snow away from the foundation of our homes to prevent spring melting issues. Warning, do NOT clear snow away from the septic tank or the inlet/outlet pipes. The inlet pipe comes from the home’s foundation and goes directly into the tank. If this pipe is left exposed in any way, the potential for it freezing is increased.

A frozen septic pipe produces similar problems as a clogged pipe does. An Ithaca plumber will need to then dig out the pipe and provide a heating method to melt the ice and get things moving again. The natural snow cover acts as insulation to your septic tank and pipes, thus keeping the ground temperature there at a reasonable level. Preventing system freeze ups is much easier than the repair if you don’t.

Septic Services in Ithaca

The Drain Brain is the top plumbing service in Ithaca and can provide you with experience, professional and timely service even in emergency situations. The Ithaca area is one which includes many homes with septic systems. Homeowners need to pay particular attention to protecting their homes through all seasons, but particularly when the freezing temps are sure to become reality.

The Drain BrainIf your plumbing or septic develops problems or seems slugging, reaching out to plumbing services in Ithaca at the first notice of trouble will save you a lot of money and headache down the road. The winter is soon to be here, and we know the kind of temperatures endured in the area.

Frozen septic systems require extensive and expensive work to be done to unfreeze them, and you will still have to make significant efforts to protect the entire system once repairs are made. Don’t ignore any possible problems now. Take care of your plumbing system, be sure the septic area remains covered and protected. You will be happier knowing how to keep your home safe, dry and functioning as you expect.

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