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September 14th, 2016

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Your Septic Service Before the Fall Sets In

Most homes in the Tompkins County and Ithaca areas are on septic systems rather than public sewer, so as homeowners, you need to take particular care in being sure your system is operating optimally.

The Drain Brain is experienced and professional in working with all types of plumbing repairs and services.  The biggest cause of concern for homeowners is their septic systems.  A septic failure can result in extensive (and uninsured) damage to your home and personal property.

 Take Care of Your Septic Service

Although being sure all your plumbing is operating properly, it’s the septic service system that is often taken for granted.  Until it doesn’t work properly.  By that time, damage has occurred and the results can be devastating.

septic service system The Drain BrainSo what do you look for?  You stay alert to sluggish drains, septic odor outside or inside the house, sludge water backing up into sinks or bath tubs…toilets that won’t flush.

During the summer when trees and other plants are growing rapidly, roots can infiltrate the inlet and outlet pipes from your septic service system.  Those roots can and will eventually clog up the pipes and cause back up.  This can be an expensive repair as those pipes need to be dug up and possibly replaced, especially if they are older lines.

The fall is a good time to have The Drain Brain come out to evaluate your system.  Even if you are not seeing any major problems, we can locate and prevent issues well ahead of time.

Three things that are the easiest to do is to have us check your holding tank, pump out the tank (which should be done on a regular basis depending on usage), clean the grease trap because no matter how careful you are, grease and junk gets into the traps and  can block the lines), and finally, we can snake a camera into the system to ascertain that the pipes are clear of roots or other debris.

Septic Tank Services in IthacaThe Drain Brain is your plumber in Ithaca who is available 24/7 for emergencies, and prompt to respond to any plumbing issue no matter the size.  As fall is here, we urge you to have your septic service inspected before the winter and cold weather comes along.

There are many reasons for this fall preparation.  If you have a budding issue…it will get worse as the ground freezes and the repair becomes more extensive.  There is nothing quite as disturbing to routine as having your entire septic and plumbing system frozen or backing up into your home.

 Don’t Wait For Winter to Discover Problems

Again, many take the septic service system for granted.  As long as it’s running seemingly properly, it’s normal to not think much about it.  But there can be problems lurking that could cause a complete shut down, which is not something you want to endure.

With an Ithaca plumber at your disposal, you will find it a far better investment to have your system checked out and cleaned if necessary.  The Drain Brain can help you, as a homeowner, prevent costly repairs and help your protect your home and belongings.  Take the time this fall to contact us at The Drain Brain to schedule your septic service inspection.  Be sure to ask any questions you might have and we’ll be happy to assist you.  Enjoy a lovely fall season!

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