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Most homes in the Tompkins County and Ithaca areas are on septic systems rather than public sewer, so as homeowners, you need to take particular care in being sure your system is operating optimally.

The Drain Brain is experienced and professional in working with all types of plumbing repairs and services.  The biggest cause of concern for homeowners is their septic systems.  A septic failure can result in extensive (and uninsured) damage to your home and personal property.

 Take Care of Your Septic Service

Although being sure all your plumbing is operating properly, it’s the septic service system that is often taken for granted.  Until it doesn’t work properly.  By that time, damage has occurred and the results can be devastating.

septic service system The Drain BrainSo what do you look for?  You stay alert to sluggish drains, septic odor outside or inside the house, sludge water backing up into sinks or bath tubs…toilets that won’t flush.

During the summer when trees and other plants are growing rapidly, roots can infiltrate the inlet and outlet pipes from your septic service system.  Those roots can and will eventually clog up the pipes and cause back up.  This can be an expensive repair as those pipes need to be dug up and possibly replaced, especially if they are older lines.

The fall is a good time to have The Drain Brain come out to evaluate your system.  Even if you are not seeing any major problems, we can locate and prevent issues well ahead of time.

Three things that are the easiest to do is to have us check your holding tank, pump out the tank (which should be done on a regular basis depending on usage), clean the grease trap because no matter how careful you are, grease and junk gets into the traps and  can block the lines), and finally, we can snake a camera into the system to ascertain that the pipes are clear of roots or other debris.

Septic Tank Services in IthacaThe Drain Brain is your plumber in Ithaca who is available 24/7 for emergencies, and prompt to respond to any plumbing issue no matter the size.  As fall is here, we urge you to have your septic service inspected before the winter and cold weather comes along.

There are many reasons for this fall preparation.  If you have a budding issue…it will get worse as the ground freezes and the repair becomes more extensive.  There is nothing quite as disturbing to routine as having your entire septic and plumbing system frozen or backing up into your home.

 Don’t Wait For Winter to Discover Problems

Again, many take the septic service system for granted.  As long as it’s running seemingly properly, it’s normal to not think much about it.  But there can be problems lurking that could cause a complete shut down, which is not something you want to endure.

With an Ithaca plumber at your disposal, you will find it a far better investment to have your system checked out and cleaned if necessary.  The Drain Brain can help you, as a homeowner, prevent costly repairs and help your protect your home and belongings.  Take the time this fall to contact us at The Drain Brain to schedule your septic service inspection.  Be sure to ask any questions you might have and we’ll be happy to assist you.  Enjoy a lovely fall season!

The Drain Brain is the premier Ithaca plumbing services with both residential and commercial customers who rely on our expertise, professionalism, and knowledge.

Ithaca Plumber grease trapGrease traps are the bane of both restaurants and private residences when they are clogged or ill maintained.  The resultant damage from clogged pipes and water back up can be expensive and cause down time in a commercial kitchen.

As a plumber in Ithaca who works with commercial restaurants, we’d like to give you some major tips on how to protect your septic or sewer lines, and obviously your business.  As issues relating to grease traps can be prevented, this information should be posted in your kitchen area for all employees to heed.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance

Best Management Practices for Commercial Food and Restaurant Facilities

  • Train kitchen staff and other employees about how they can help ensure BMPs are implemented.

Reason: People are more willing to support an effort if they understand the basis for it.

Benefit: All of the subsequent benefits of BMPs will have a better chance of being implemented.

  • Post “No Grease” signs above sinks and on the front of dishwashers.

Reason: Signs serve as a constant reminder for staff working in kitchens.

Benefit: This will help minimize grease discharge to traps/interceptors and reduce the cost of cleaning and disposal.

  •   “Dry wipe” pots, pans, and dishware prior to dishwashing.

Reason: By dry-wiping and disposing in the garbage, the material will not be sent to grease traps.

Benefit: This will reduce the amount of material collected in the grease trap and interceptors, and will lessen cleaning and maintenance costs.

  •   Dispose of food waste by recycling and/or solid waste removal.

Reason: To divert food wastes away from grease traps and interceptors.

Benefit: Recycling or solid waste disposal will reduce the frequency and cost of grease trap and interceptor cleaning.

  •  Recycle waste cooking oil.

Reason: Cooking oil that ends up in grease traps will have to be pumped, costing businesses money.

Benefit: Some companies pay to haul used cooking oil and make it into new products.

  •  Cover outdoor grease and oil storage containers.

Reason: Rainwater into open containers can cause an overflow onto the ground leading to stormwater collection systems, creeks, and streams.

Benefit: Avoidance of polluting streams, creeks and other water bodies.

  •  Routinely clean kitchen exhaust system filters.

Reason: If grease and oil escape through the kitchen exhaust system, it can accumulate on exterior surfaces, eventually entering the storm drain system when it rains.

Benefit: Minimizes the chance of grease-related fires and the likelihood of grease entering nearby water bodies.

  •  Do not pour grease down sinks or into toilets.

Reason: Grease poured into a toilet or sink can congeal, clogging sewer pipes and cause backups.

Benefit: Lower plumbing bills and no loss of business due to sewer backups.

  •  Avoid or limit the use of garbage disposals.

Reason: Garbage disposals grind large food particles into small pieces. These pieces can fill up a grease trap causing backups or may require more frequent pump outs of the grease trap.

Benefit: No sewer backups and less money spent cleaning out the grease trap.

  •  Clean interceptors with a capacity of 100 gallons or less weekly or more frequently if needed.             Reason: Weekly (or more frequent) cleaning of the grease trap by a facility’s own staff will reduce maintenance cost and lower the risk of backups.

Benefit: Cleaning under-sink grease traps frequently will reduce the frequency and cost of grease interceptor cleaning.

  • Use a three-sink compartment dish washing system, including sinks for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing.

Reason: The three-sink system uses water less than 140ºF, whereas a mechanical dishwasher requires a minimum temperature of 160ºF.

Benefit: The facility will reduce energy costs for heating the water and operating the dishwasher. (Source: SAWS)

The Drain Brain in Ithaca

Ithaca plumber grease trapsOur expertise in residential and commercial properties is second to none.  We employ dedicated professionals who know the value of customer service, education, and mitigating damages as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster.

Plumbing systems work smoothly when all is well and we take them for granted.  But when something goes wrong, your whole house or business grinds to a halt.  Grease traps are just one of the items that needs regular care and maintenance.

Whether your restaurant is following proper protocol and just needs us to take a quick look to confirm all is well, or you are all ready experiencing some issues, call us immediately for a prompt and effective evaluation.

There is nothing more distressing for homeowners than to have plumbing issues which result in water damage to the interior of your home.  Water damage can result from leaking/broken pipes to a back up of sewage from a clogged or poor functioning septic system.

Tompkins County septic services are provided by the experts at The Drain Brain.  One of their specialties is the repair and maintenance of septic systems.  As we will learn, most septic issues are caused by clogged pipes, and even the invasion of roots into the inlet and outlet pipes.

The Drain Brain uses state-of-the-art video inspection methods that simply introduce a fine wire with an attached micro camera The Drain Brainthat inspects those underground sections of pipes to determine the condition and/or the extent of the impaction.

Pipeline Video Inspection

To learn a little more about the actual video inspection process, let’s look at this explanation.

Pipeline video inspection is a form of telepresence used to visually inspect the interiors of pipelines. A common application is to determine the condition of small diameter sewer lines and household connection pipes.

Older sewer lines of small diameter, typically 6-inch (150 mm), are made by the union of a number of short 3 feet (0.91 m) sections. The pipe segments may be made of cast iron, with 12 feet (3.7 m) to 20 feet (6.1 m) sections, but are more often made of vitrified clay pipe (VCP), a ceramic material, in 3 feet (0.91 m), 4 feet (1.2 m) & 6 feet (1.8 m) sections. Each iron or clay segment will have an enlargement (a “bell”) on one end to receive the end of the adjacent segment. Roots from trees and vegetation may work into the joins between segments and can be forceful enough to break open a larger opening in terra cotta or corroded cast iron. Eventually a root ball will form that will impede the flow and this may cleaned out by a cutter mechanism and subsequently inhibited by use of a chemical foam – a rooticide.

With modern video equipment the interior of the pipe may be inspected – this is a form of non-destructive testing. A small diameter The Drain Braincollector pipe will typically have a cleanout access at the far end and will be several hundred feet long, terminating at a manhole. Additional collector pipes may discharge at this manhole and a pipe (perhaps of larger diameter) will carry the effluent to the next manhole, and so forth to a pump station or treatment plant. (

Septic Services in Ithaca

Ithaca abounds with excellent service providers in all fields, but when it comes to Ithaca septic services, The Drain Brain should be first on your list.  Experienced, professional and efficient technicians are on our team and ready to help assist homeowners with their plumbing and septic system needs.

Proper maintenance and immediate examination of septic systems before major issues develop is recommended.  At the first sign of drainage issues, contact The Drain Brain to evaluate the situation and provide you with a detailed repair estimate.  Remember to ask them about their video pipe inspection methods and how this might be the best option to determine the extent of repairs needed.

The Drain Brain provides excellent service to Ithaca homeowners.  They strive to bring the best and most experienced plumbing services to their customers and are available 24/7 for emergency situations. Ithaca homeowners are raving about the The Drain Brain and you need to consider them for your home plumbing needs.

The Drain BrainHomeowners are barraged with numerous maintenance and repairs as their home ages.  Plumbing needs to be handled by knowledgeable and licensed technicians who will provide not only repairs but education in how to prevent problems in the future.

Why You Need The Drain Brain

Today you need to have your contractors planned out ahead of time.  It’s more relieving to know that you don’t need to go through the phone book looking for just any old service contractor when disaster strikes

Planning ahead and working with a particular plumbing service will make it much easier on you when you need assistance.

The Drain Brain is experienced in septic issues, septic cleaning, clogged pipes, frozen pipes, leaking pipes, plumbing installations, and troubleshooting plumbing issues.  You can never be more comfortable than working with this fine company.

Ithaca homeowners are fortunate in having plumbing services in Ithaca that they can rely on.  When your pipes freeze or burst, call The Drain Brain immediately to facilitate repairs and keep the water damage to a minimum.  If you see a leak beginning, contact your plumber right away so as to get that leak fixed before the joint or pipe gives way.  A burst pipe can release gallons of water into your home or basement causing not only water damage to personal property but the danger of various types of mold that will grow from damp areas.

Septic System Warning Signs

Homeowners need to be aware of potential septic system issues when not on city water systems.  The septic system is the most major component of your plumbing and delivers used and dirty water out to the septic drainage field.

The Drain BrainWinter is often a time that problems come to light.  If you are experiencing slow draining, water sitting in sinks or tubs, backup of sewage (or laundry water) into your sinks, this is a good first sign that your septic system is experiencing difficulty. Now it may be a minor issue like a clogged drain, but often times the issue has to do with the main exit pipes from the house or the septic tank itself.

Septic pipes can freeze just like interior pipes that are not well insulated.  If your septic lines are bare this winter from lack of snow pack, they are susceptible to freezing.  You can help protect your lines by covering with straw or other organic material to protect them.

Some septic systems have an electric pump that moves the waste water out of the tank and up to a drainage field.  If that pump is not working for some reason, the water doesn’t get moved, the septic tank fills up above acceptable levels, and the result is a backup of water into the house.

At the very first sign of slow draining of your pipes and sinks, contact your Ithaca plumber for immediate service.  The Drain Brain is your premier Ithaca area plumbing service and will be there for you 24/7.  Don’t leave leaking or frozen pipes to chance.  Call on the experience, knowledge and professionalism that The Drain Brain offer to you, the Ithaca homeowners.



At some point of another, Tompkins County homeowners will need plumbing services and need those services immediately. The Drain Brain is your premier Tompkins County plumber and provides emergency services as well as routine repairs and installations.

Winter is here and with it comes the colder temperatures that can reach far into the ground and affect the stability of your plumbing.  Septic systems and interior pipes are susceptible to freezing. The Drain Brain can release those freeze ups and help you to prevent additional damage caused by burst pipes.

Caring For Your Plumbing

The Drain BrainThere are numerous ways to protect your home and plumbing.  Your Tompkins County plumber can evaluate your current system to be sure there are no weak points that could result in damage.  But if it happens, you want to have a plumber that knows your home and needs.

Keeping your pipes from freezing may require they be wrapped in insulation which will protect them in the case of serious temperature drops.  Leaking joints or connections need immediate attention as they are seriously near breaking apart.  Water damage to your personal belongings is not a good way to wake up … a broken pipe can spill hundreds of gallons of water into your home and basement.

And what about your septic system?  With a good snow pack over your system, the insulating factor is excellent and nothing needs to be done unless you are noticing a sluggish drain or toilet when flushing. What can happen, though, is if you’ve not had sufficient snow to insulate the system yet the temperatures are steadily below freezing.

Temperatures that are that cold will seep into the ground, freezing the soil…and if it goes on long enough can reach deep into the ground and affect your septic system.  If you start having slow draining situations, contact The Drain Brain to check out what is happening.  Leaving a situation like this will potentially cause a more significant freeze up and resultant pipe breakage (which means a bigger and more expensive repair bill).

One other warning, if you do have snow covering your septic, do not remove the snow….leaving any part of the system exposed will subject it to potential freezing.

Tompkins County Plumber The Drain Brain

tompkins countyIn Tompkins County, you are most fortunate to have the expert, professional and knowledgeable services of The Drain Brain.  With their emergency services, free estimates, and quick response times, you will find that your plumbing problem is repaired and sorted out easily.

No more worrying and stress…let the plumbing services in Tompkins County bring you the services you really need, when you need them.  Prevention is always the best course of action and The Drain Brain can explain to you what needs to be done to provide you with peace of mind.

Plan ahead, stay aware, and protect your plumbing systems with insulation and proper covering for outside systems.  A broken pipe and the water damage that results it not something to look forward to.

Here we go again. The winter months are on their way. What’s the number one problem in the winter with plumbing? Right. Frozen pipes. Plumbing services in Ithaca spend a lot of time fixing frozen pipes and providing information on how to prevent this in the future.

Rather than experience pipe freezes, let’s look at some ways you can prevent a mess from occurring in your home. The Drain Brain realizes that things happen, and they will be available to you 24/7 for emergency services if needed. Our goal, though, is to educate homeowners in how to prepare and prevent damage. Frozen pipes can mean broken or burst piping, significant interior water damage, and a domino affect to neighboring pipes.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

If you’ve had frozen pipes in the past, then you know there is an issue. If those pipes were simply thawed out and not examined by a professional, it’s likely the problem will repeat itself at the most inopportune time.

frozen pipesMany frozen pipes result from the plumbing being on an outside uninsulated wall or in an uninsulated crawl space. Insulating the pipes and the wall will go a long way to providing you with a little better result. Using appropriate insulation is relatively inexpensive and easy to do. If you don’t, you could be facing an extensive plumbing repair bill.

Another way that pipes freeze is when you leave your property for extended periods, like going off on vacation for a week or so, and you turn your heating system down too low or even off. Obviously, no heat in the house will result in frozen pipes. Most people don’t actually turn the heat off when away, but power outages can shut down the electrical system to the house. Without electricity, most furnaces cannot operate. How long they are off line and not producing heat is tricky. Depending on the outside temperature, the wind chill, and the property’s insulation factor, the interior temperature can drop drastically in a few hours.

Long term power outages leave homes vulnerable to a multitude of weather related damages. Frozen pipes are so common. Other than having an automatic generator that would come on during such incidents, there is very little to be done. Considering the installation of a generator in most homes would help prevent nasty surprises and extensive repairs.

If you use a generator, be sure to operate it safely and follow all instructions. Generators must be located outside and away from any vents. An automatic generator will come on once the power outage occurs and will run your most needed accessories. The heating system is usually the first item that is hooked to the generator. This keeps your home comfortable, your family warm, and your pipes from freezing.

Kitchen and bathroom pipes are often the most likely to freeze. Many times the pipes had to be run against an exterior wall and over time the insulation can fail. This is especially true of older homes with blown in insulation. So there are times that frozen pipes can come as a surprise. Rodents can also chew through insulation and expose pipes or areas as they gather the material for their nests.

The Drain Brain

frozen pipes The Drain BrainYour Ithaca plumber specializing in home and business property is The Drain Brain. Building relationships with every customer and helping you prevent damage from occurring is of prime importance. There is no better way to prevent frozen pipes than to contact your plumbing services in Ithaca to evaluate your home’s plumbing.

The Drain Brain can inspect your home’s system, ferret out any potential problems, and provide you with an estimate to repair or protect your home. Most cases of frozen pipes are preventable. Don’t let this winter’s cold catch you unaware. Make the call now and be prepared.

November 11th, 2015

Winterize Your Septic System

Another winter is soon upon us, and planning ahead to be sure your septic system is working well needs to be a priority. Septic services in Ithaca are often inundated with clogged and frozen septics at the first deep cold nights. Don’t be one of those homes that requires emergency septic pumping services in Ithaca. Last minute and emergency services will cost extra, and most situations can be prevented.

Winterize Your Septic System

Now this does not mean you put anything into your septic or pipes (unless you are leaving a property vacant for the winter – check with your Ithaca plumber for recommendations). What this does mean, though, is that if you are seeing any slow moving drains, back ups, or other issues like leaking pipes, you should contact The Drain Brain to evaluate the systems.

septic services in IthacaSlow draining is often a sign of either clogged pipes or full septic tanks. Leaving these to fester into the deep cold of winter can result in serious damage to the system and your home. Attend to any plumbing concerns now before it’s too late.

Septic systems need to be covered sufficiently with soil (check your local town/country septic guidelines for depth information). If, for some reason, soil has been removed from the septic tank and piping areas, be sure to replace it right now. Don’t wait for the cold to get into the ground.

Next thing, many of us shovel and snow blow snow away from the foundation of our homes to prevent spring melting issues. Warning, do NOT clear snow away from the septic tank or the inlet/outlet pipes. The inlet pipe comes from the home’s foundation and goes directly into the tank. If this pipe is left exposed in any way, the potential for it freezing is increased.

A frozen septic pipe produces similar problems as a clogged pipe does. An Ithaca plumber will need to then dig out the pipe and provide a heating method to melt the ice and get things moving again. The natural snow cover acts as insulation to your septic tank and pipes, thus keeping the ground temperature there at a reasonable level. Preventing system freeze ups is much easier than the repair if you don’t.

Septic Services in Ithaca

The Drain Brain is the top plumbing service in Ithaca and can provide you with experience, professional and timely service even in emergency situations. The Ithaca area is one which includes many homes with septic systems. Homeowners need to pay particular attention to protecting their homes through all seasons, but particularly when the freezing temps are sure to become reality.

The Drain BrainIf your plumbing or septic develops problems or seems slugging, reaching out to plumbing services in Ithaca at the first notice of trouble will save you a lot of money and headache down the road. The winter is soon to be here, and we know the kind of temperatures endured in the area.

Frozen septic systems require extensive and expensive work to be done to unfreeze them, and you will still have to make significant efforts to protect the entire system once repairs are made. Don’t ignore any possible problems now. Take care of your plumbing system, be sure the septic area remains covered and protected. You will be happier knowing how to keep your home safe, dry and functioning as you expect.

What a great summer. Wonderful times with family and friends, vacations, and travel, plus all the great things you did around the house. Usually the summer is not a time when we think much about our property’s drains and plumbing. With the change of seasons, and before winter hits, is a good time to double check your drains and plumbing before the real cold arrives.

Plumbing Services in Ithaca With The Drain Brain

Your Ithaca area plumber, The Drain Brain, is an expert and professionally operated business that works with home and business owners throughout the area. Your property is important to them and you as a customer will always receive prompt and courteous care no matter how small or large the problem may be.

The Drain BrainAfter a summer of fairly heavy use, your plumbing system and drains may have taken a bit of a beating. A lot of debris can be caught in the drains of tubs and sinks. Being sure to limit the amount of non biodegradable debris that is washed down the drains is your first course of action. But things happen, and drains get clogged. Simple hair clogs can be cleaned out and should be done regularly to prevent excessive clogs requiring you to obtain plumbing services in Ithaca.

Drains that are clogged (or beginning to be obstructed) will show signs of slowing down. You may be finding that the tub is not draining as quickly as it used to, that sink water gurgles and sputters, and you might even be seeing some back flush into the sink or tub is a more serious clog has formed.

Avoid using chemicals and drain cleaners should you determine a clog is forming. Not only can some drain products damage pipes and septic system bacteria, but the danger of this extremely caustic product could cause personal injury to yourself.

The Ithaca plumber is available to come out to your home or business to assess the current situation and professionally clean out the clog and pipes prevented a repeat of the situation or worse. The Drain Brain finds many homeowners tend to wait too long to have clogged drains cleaned, thus putting their entire plumbing system at risk.

The Drain BrainFailure to remove drain clogs in time (when they first appear) can cause an excessive amount of interior damage to your home. Don’t wait until this happened to obtain plumbing services in Ithaca. The Drain Brain is a professional company who knows exactly how to totally clear out clogs that could become potential disasters. Knowing that your plumbing system is working optimally is one way to have peace of mind about your property and its system.

Deal With Small Problems Immediately

That slow draining tub is just a symptom of what can be a much larger problem. Many homes are on septic systems and the slow draining could be a sign the septic is full, needs pumping, or simply that a clog is forming in one of the interior pipes.

Unless you are a professional plumber, your best course of action is to obtain plumbing services in Ithaca to immediately evaluate the situation, clear it up and give you recommendations on how to prevent such issues in the future.

The Drain Brain welcomes you questions and are happy to provide you with excellent service and response time. They know the importance of correcting small problems before they become larger ones. The resultant damage from letting a clogged drain get worse can be devastating and take much longer to fix. Don’t delay in reaching out for assistance no matter how small you think the issue may be.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter….seasons change but your septic system is always there for you. Right? Not if you don’t pay attention to changes within your home plumbing systems. Your Ithaca plumber, The Drain Brain, reminds you that septic systems can fail at anytime of the year. They are your septic system experts in the Ithaca area, and have some tips for you.

Septic Services in Ithaca

Problems in your septic can occur at any time of the year. Sometimes the extra stress on the system from summer activities and higher levels of water usage (and laundry activities), can cause your septic to experience some problems.

The Drain BrainSeptic services in Ithaca can evaluate any changes that you notice like slow draining, water backing up into the toilets or sinks, and gurgling sounds that should make you a bit anxious to determine their cause.

Any of the above symptoms may mean that you have a clog in your plumbing or that your septic system is not managing and working properly. Your Ithaca plumber is ready to come out to your home and diagnose the problem before it becomes an emergency. Many homeowners disregard the early symptoms thinking they will resolve themselves. Rarely is this the case.

Plumbing issues with early warning signs are worth paying attention to. Calling The Drain Brain immediately for evaluation will save you money in the long run. Failing to ascertain the reasons for the sluggish draining or water back up can lead to a total septic system shut down. If the septic fails, the resultant back up of contaminated water into your home is a high likelihood.

The damage that can occur within your home may well be catastrophic for your personal belongings, structural safety, and will damage sheetrock and carpeting. If not cleaned properly, water damage can then result in mold growth which in itself is a dangerous situation for the safety of your family.

The Drain Brain Offers Tips On When to Call For Assistance

Ithaca septic services are a year round need by many homeowners. Keeping a good eye on any changes within your home is your best bet to circumvent and resolve potential damage to your home.

Septic units work great when they are working well. You tend to forget them and assume they will always be there working away and providing the removal of waste water. Then they slow down…toilets won’t flush, sinks won’t drain, there is a foul odor coming into the home…and eventually if not taken care of will bring contaminated water and sewage into your property.

The minute you notice any changes in your plumbing, call your Ithaca plumber to come out and evaluate. Remember that small indications can go unnoticed…or disregarded. Slow running drains, odors, back up into sinks and tubs are all emergent notice of potential issues.

The Drain BrainIthaca plumbing services know how to diagnose the issue and provide prompt services to eradicate the offending problem BEFORE disaster strikes.

Make use of The Drain Brain as your Ithaca septic services expert. Their knowledge, expertise and professionalism will leave you feeling relieved and protect you from unnecessary damage and higher costs. Emergency services are provided 24/7 should the inevitable happen due to a septic system failure.

Paying attention to your home’s behavior will help you to avert larger issues that can become disastrous. Home insurance typically does not pay for damage resulting from plumbing issues or back up of water through the septic system. Do not assume you are covered for such a situation unless you have specifically obtained insurance for water backup. It doesn’t happen often, but it will happen at some point that you will need the expert assistance of an Ithaca septic systems professional.


The Drain Brain is ready when you are. Give them a call to discuss any plumbing concerns you may have and utilize their knowledge and experience to protect you, your family and your home.

It happens. Your yard smells like a septic system but you don’t know why. Septic odors caused by seeping gas can not only be frustrating, but dangerous. Septic system odor is one of the leading causes of calls to septic services in Ithaca.

If you’ve ever been down wind of a septic pumper truck, you know the smell that permeates the air. When this odor invades your home or yard, there can be several reasons that are relatively simple to fix. Your Ithaca plumber, The Drain Brain, can evaluate the system and vents to ascertain what protocol to follow to alleviate the stench.

Septic System Ventilation

Ithaca plumberYour septic system is vented in several ways. The first is via the system itself underground where there are inlet and outlet pipes that allow the gases to discharge hopefully out into the drainage field. The Drain Brain finds that these inlet and outlet pipes can become blocked through non-biodegradable debris or due to a high water level within the tank.

Situations involving the discharge pipes can be sorted out by clearing them out and/or determining why there is a high water level within the septic tank, itself. High water levels can be attributed to either blockages or pump failure.

The inlet pipe is the one that takes the sewage out of your house and into the tank. This pipe is generally open and clear, but can allow gases to flow back into the household system. Have you ever wondered why you have a vent pipe coming out of the roof of your home?

Many people think the vent pipe on their roof is to vent the bathroom steam or something of that type. This is not the case. That vent pipe actually pulls septic system odors up through to above the roof line of the home. Due to the low pressure in the pipe itself, the sewage odors and gases easily find their way out and away from your home.

septic systemIt is important that the roof-top vent pipe be high enough to reach above the roof line. The gases from the septic system are then dispersed into the air and away from the population nearby. The problem with sewage odors occur when there is an obstruction within the septic system. This can cause the odors to be forced up through the tank and through the ground. Thus, you get the horrendous smell in your yard and sometimes within your home.

Most of the time, the venting system is working properly but a down draft resulting from wind blowing across the roof can get blocked by nearby trees and cause the stench to drop down into your yard, window, or air conditioning unit. If this has become a regular problem at your home, septic system services in Ithaca recommend that you install a charcoal vent filter. These filters have become the least expensive go-to fix for people that have not been able to find other ways to fix their stinky vent issues.

The Drain Brain Provides Septic System Services in Ithaca

Around the Ithaca area, The Drain Brain can evaluate your septic system and provide you with answers as to why you might be experiencing the distressing odor emanating from your vent or yard. A comprehensive evaluation of the system, pipes, tank and vents will provide the answers and allow you to make an informed decision as to how to remedy any issues you may be having.



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