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Septic System Maintenance

3 Steps to healthy septic system maintenance

septic-systemKeeping your septic system healthy can be achieved by following 3 simple steps.

1. Routine Septic Pumping Service

Every system is different and requires a different maintenance schedule. What may be right for your neighbor’s septic system may not be right for yours. There are many factors that can effect the frequency of maintenance including the age of your septic system, number of people living in your house which affects the amount of laundry being done, showers taken, dishwasher use etc etc. Speak with your Drain Brain technician or call our us to help determine the frequency of visits.

2. Make sure to add septic bacterial additives

In order to break down and digest the organic solids, bacterial additives must be added regularly. In today household there are dozens of different anti-bacterial soaps and cleansers used regularly, which in turn also kill the bacteria that help break down the solids in your septic system. To ensure consistent periodic introduction of bacteria into your system, we suggest using a bacterial additive. Bacterial enzymes are used in order to breakdown organic waste such as food products and grease from kitchen waste and garbage grinders. It is like a shock treatment for your septic tank, giving what it needs to break down solids.

3. Septic Filters

You may have a septic filter already added to your system, but if you don’t, we recommend that you install one. A septic filter will protect your leach field by acting as a strainer, keeping the hair, grit, grime, and larger particles not yet broken down in your tank from getting out into your leach field lines.

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