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June 15th, 2014

Don’t Wait to Have Your Grease Traps Cleaned

Did you know that most septic systems are equipped with a grease trap to catch the majority of fats and grease typically poured down the drain?  This grease trap is located (usually) in the septic tank itself and when working properly, does an excellent job fulfilling its duties.  Yes, it captures and collects the grease from cooking and other household chores that you inadvertently dump down your sink. Your Ithaca plumber can provide septic services in Ithaca and keep the grease from building up.

Now why is it important to have a grease trap?  Grease clumps and attaches itself to waste products such as toilet paper, tissues, and other non-organic waste.  The grease (as we know fats are not soluble in water, thus they remain in a semi-solid state) remain free floating within the septic system waiting for something to attach to. Plumbing services in Ithaca would include cleaning the grease traps in your system.

Grease Traps Made to Protect Your Septic System

People are not always aware that dumping or pouring fats and grease down their drain can be detrimental to their septic system.  The build up of grease on the grease traps, though needing to be cleaned regularly, provide a simple and effective way to protect your system.  Without grease traps, the grease would attach itself to paper products and other non-organic waste causing a significant build up.  Often times this build up of grease and paper can clog or block the pipes either entering the septic system or the pipes which remove waste water from the tank.

Even with grease traps installed, if you haven’t had septic services in Ithaca recently to check your system, grease will build up on the trap, and over time will break free and clump together with material which could end up clogging your system.

Failing to properly dispose of your household oils and greases (by placing old, used, or discarded oils into a stable container for later disposal in the trash) by washing them down the sink is a recipe for disaster.  The grease traps are designed to catch a small amount of grease, though it is well know that people are simply not aware that grease and septic systems do not mix well.

Keep Your Plumbing Running Effectively

The simplest thing you can do is not ever pour grease of any kind into your sink drain.  Keep old, used oils and such in a separate container and discard responsibly.  The septic system is a well-designed unit that uses the grease trap to capture small particles of grease and has only so much room to do so.

If you are putting down large amounts or even small amounts on a regular basis, your Ithaca plumber will soon be out to your property to repair a damaged septic system with potentially broken pipes. Septic services in Ithaca can provide simple maintenance procedures, one of which would be to clean out the grease trap and help keep the system running properly.

The Drain Brain is your Ithaca plumber and is available for plumbing services in Ithaca by appointment and in case of an emergency. Cleaning the grease trap in your septic system is one way you can be sure your system is running properly and waste product is moving through without clogging.  Call The Drain Brain today at (607) 273-8311 to set up an appointment.

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