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August 13th, 2014

The Drain Brain is Your Tompkins County Septic System and Plumbing Experts

Since 1991, The Drain Brain has been servicing Tompkins County and surrounding areas. Whether you need septic pumping services in Ithaca, or septic cleaning in Elmira, call on The Drain Brain for prompt, reliable, professional service at your home or business.

septic cleaning in ElmiraMany people leave their septic cleaning in Ithaca until an emergency occurs.Waiting until your septic tank overflows or back flows into your home is obviously a point when it is too late.  Preventing back ups and overflows requires regular maintenance of your septic system. It is recommended that your septic system be checked yearly, the grease traps cleaned, and you consider drain cleaning services in Elmira on a regular basis.

A septic system will serve a home for a long time if it is properly located, designed, constructed and maintained. However, even the best designed and installed septic system will eventually fail without periodic maintenance. This guide briefly describes septic system components and how they should be maintained.(

The damage caused by an unmaintained system is not covered by most insurance companies on your homeowner’s policy. So it is strongly recommended that you have your plumbing and septic inspected, evaluated, and maintained on a regular schedule.

Drain cleaning in Ithaca is a relatively simple procedure at a reasonable cost, which could save you thousands of dollars in damages and clean up down the road. In Tompkins County, NY and surrounding areas you can reach The Drain Brain and obtain septic pumping services.

Understanding Maintenance of Septic Systems

Many properties in the Tompkins County area are subject to the use of private septic systems to deal with the household waste water. The septic system itself is a simple make up of drainage pipes exiting the dwelling, running into a cement holding tank, which them drains out into the leach field.

The septic tank itself is a holding tank equipped with a grease trap which catches solid materials which are flushed down the drain from cooking and cleaning.  This grease trap needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging in the system.  Failure to clean the grease trap can cause paper and other slowly deteriorating items to get trapped and eventually clog the main pipe which prevents the household water waste from entering the tank.

septic cleaning in ElmiraWhen that entrance pipe becomes clogged, the back up into your home or basement can be quite disastrous.  Some of the first signs would be a gurgling from the sink or tub drains when you are emptying out either one.  This gurgle is telling you that the drains, pipes or septic tank are dangerously clogged or full.

Maintaining your septic system does require the profession plumber and septic service to dig up the tank, remove the cover, and inspect the system. Most people wait until they have to pay the larger bill of septic pumping services in Ithaca. What could have been dealt with for a lesser cost, time, and energy must now be dealt with by pumping out the septic holding tank and a much larger bill.

Use Knowledgeable Septic Services

No matter what you need for homeowner services, always choose wisely. The Drain Brain is equipped with the latest technology, professional technicians with extensive knowledge and experience for our clients in Ithaca and all of Tompkins County.

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