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Frozen Pipes

frozen-pipesFrozen pipes during winter are no fun, and can lead to a variety of water related plumbing emergencies. Exposed water lines and fittings during the winter months are obviously vulnerable. Water running through non-insulated pipes located along exterior walls or crawl spaces can freeze during extremely cold spells. Generally when the temperatures dip below 10 degrees to 0 is when you will have the issue. As the water freezes, it expands and can burst the pipes, leaking out water that could potentially leak inside the house damaging belongings, carpets and more.

The best way to deal with frozen water pipes that potentially burst, is to first off prevent it from happening. To prevent this from happening make sure that all exposed water lines are insulated properly before temperatures drop significantly. There are many types of pipe insulation and heat tapes that you can use to prevent this from happening.

Most likely if you are reading this, your pipes are frozen or burst. In that case just give us a call and we will come and take care of the issue. We will thaw the water pipes and repair the burst water lines for you and help you prepare the pipes for the next cold spell.

For quick, professional service, call The Drain Brain Today at 607-273-8311 if you need emergency frozen pipe repair.

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