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April 15th, 2014

Springtime is the Perfect Time to Check Your Septic System

We have finally managed to get through one of the most difficult winters in a long time.  Springtime is upon us and is the perfect time to check your septic system.  Septic services in Tompkins County and septic services in Ithaca can easily be obtained through our office here at The Drain Brain.

Septic systems can fail or become backed up this time of year for numerous reasons.  As we live in an area where the frost level can be rather deep in the ground, it’s not unusual for pipes, either leading from the house to the septic tank or from the tank to the leach field, to be disrupted or even broken by the upheaval of the ground due to the freezing temperatures.

It is necessary to regularly check and clean your septic tank and review the system.  As springtime can often bring septic problems to light, this is the best time to service your system before extensive damage or backup into your property becomes an issue.

Septic Services by The Drain Brain

Every septic system is different. Septic services in Ithaca properties may be different from septic services in Tompkins County homes due to the number of people residing in the property, the size of the holding tank, level of usage, and other various factors.

Obviously a property with two people will use less water and produce less waste than say a family of four.  It’s all dependent on the total usage of water and how much waste is flushed through the system to the holding tank and ultimately to the leach field.

Some septic systems need yearly maintenance, while others need only a cleaning every couple of years or so.  Rental units may also have a higher usage and demand put on the system, thus also requiring yearly maintenance.

The Drain Brain offers septic tank cleaning and maintenance, recommends bacterial additives for your system, and suggests the installation of filters to protect your septic system for the long term.

Locally Owned and Operated

The Brain Drain provides video pipe inspection and grease trap cleaning as well as septic tank emptying on a regular, maintenance basis for your primary residence, business, summer, or rental property.  We are a locally owned and operated company providing reliable, knowledgeable, and timely septic services in Ithaca and the same septic services in Tompkins County.

Video pipe inspection may be needed when there is a blockage somewhere in the septic lines, either from the house to the tank or the disbursement line to the leach field. Septic services in Ithaca from The Drain Brain can sort out those line blockages by the use of a video camera line that is able to provide you, the property owner, with a proper view of the system so that you can see for yourself any damage, blockages, or breaks in the line.

The Drain Brain also offers grease trap cleaning to both lengthen the life of your septic system and prevent costly damage down the road.  If your system is equipped with a grease trap, this system will gather up oils, heavy waste, solids, and grease before it can get into your septic system and cause blockages.

Septic services in Tompkins County can best be provided by your locally owned and operated company servicing the area for over 20 years.  Call The Drain Brain before problems arise to protect your investment.  If an emergency or problem is found, call us for reliable and speedy service to your property.

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