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July 16th, 2014

Summertime is the Perfect Time to Have Your Pipes Inspected

Summertime.  Generally you are not thinking about your septic or plumbing system, but for sure your local Ithaca plumber is thinking about your pipes and The Drain Brain is here to offer plumbing services in Ithaca and septic services in Ithaca.  Plumbers are available year round and provide a myriad of services to residential and commercial clients both in emergency situations and as standard maintenance.

Many people wait until something catastrophic happens like their basement floods from a backed-up septic system, or the septic services in Ithaca, septic services in Elmiradishwasher suddenly fills up with back water from a clogged sink, or the toilet can’t flush due to a blockage in the lines.  It doesn’t usually occur to us to have a professional plumber inspect our plumbing system during times when things “seem” to be working fine.

After a cold, hard winter and heavy spring rains, many plumbing and septic systems show signs of distress.  You could be seeing sluggish drains, repeated clogging in the toilets, and even hear gurgling sounds when water is being put down the drain or the pipes.  But like many people, you will attempt to alleviate the clog, and even buy yourself a little bit of time.  Often we relieve the clog or loosen the blockage enough for water and waste to pass through without too much trouble, and this works for a little while.

Plumbers Are Your Allies

The point is, when things start to slow down with your plumbing, when your pipes are repeatedly clogging, this is a sign that the system needs attention.  Calling your Tompkins County area plumber BEFORE the situation becomes an emergency would be a wise decision.  Blockages in pipes and overfull septic systems can put a huge strain on the pipes, causing not only backups but pipes that fracture or break due to the stress.

Your local plumber in Ithaca can provide you with plumbing services in Ithaca and septic services in Ithaca prior to an emergency AND save you money and time.  It’s not fun to be in the middle of a plumbing emergency and not be able to get help fast enough to prevent extensive damage.

Annual inspections of your septic system are recommended to ensure that it is working properly
and to determine when the septic tank should be pumped. (from the PipelineSmall Communities Wastewater Issues Explained to the Public)

Summertime is the perfect time to have your pipes inspected, your septic system emptied, and your entire plumbing system evaluated for rot, wear, and poorly designed piping.  Plumbers tend to not be quite so rushed with emergency jobs during the summer and can make an appointment with you to evaluate youseptic services in Ithacar system at a convenient time for you both.

Owning a home or business property requires a lot of maintenance and understanding of how the basic utilities function.  Waiting until a catastrophe is never the answer.  But many people just do not think about this aspect of the plumbing industry.  Your plumber is just as important to your home or business property as your auto mechanic is to your vehicle.  We take our car to the mechanic once a year for inspection…don’t you think your home should have a regular inspection of its plumbing system before something goes wrong?

Your Ithaca Plumber

The Drain Brain is your local Ithaca plumber providing experienced, professional, and knowledgeable technicians to address your plumbing issues in Tompkins County and your septic services in Ithaca. They want you to know that summertime is an excellent time of year to set up an inspection of your plumbing system and pipes to ensure that everything is in working order for the coming year.  You can call us directly to arrange an appointment at (607) 273-8311.  We will be happy to visit your property and do a complete and thorough inspection.

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