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January 13th, 2016

Tompkins County Homeowners Rely on The Drain Brain

At some point of another, Tompkins County homeowners will need plumbing services and need those services immediately. The Drain Brain is your premier Tompkins County plumber and provides emergency services as well as routine repairs and installations.

Winter is here and with it comes the colder temperatures that can reach far into the ground and affect the stability of your plumbing.  Septic systems and interior pipes are susceptible to freezing. The Drain Brain can release those freeze ups and help you to prevent additional damage caused by burst pipes.

Caring For Your Plumbing

The Drain BrainThere are numerous ways to protect your home and plumbing.  Your Tompkins County plumber can evaluate your current system to be sure there are no weak points that could result in damage.  But if it happens, you want to have a plumber that knows your home and needs.

Keeping your pipes from freezing may require they be wrapped in insulation which will protect them in the case of serious temperature drops.  Leaking joints or connections need immediate attention as they are seriously near breaking apart.  Water damage to your personal belongings is not a good way to wake up … a broken pipe can spill hundreds of gallons of water into your home and basement.

And what about your septic system?  With a good snow pack over your system, the insulating factor is excellent and nothing needs to be done unless you are noticing a sluggish drain or toilet when flushing. What can happen, though, is if you’ve not had sufficient snow to insulate the system yet the temperatures are steadily below freezing.

Temperatures that are that cold will seep into the ground, freezing the soil…and if it goes on long enough can reach deep into the ground and affect your septic system.  If you start having slow draining situations, contact The Drain Brain to check out what is happening.  Leaving a situation like this will potentially cause a more significant freeze up and resultant pipe breakage (which means a bigger and more expensive repair bill).

One other warning, if you do have snow covering your septic, do not remove the snow….leaving any part of the system exposed will subject it to potential freezing.

Tompkins County Plumber The Drain Brain

tompkins countyIn Tompkins County, you are most fortunate to have the expert, professional and knowledgeable services of The Drain Brain.  With their emergency services, free estimates, and quick response times, you will find that your plumbing problem is repaired and sorted out easily.

No more worrying and stress…let the plumbing services in Tompkins County bring you the services you really need, when you need them.  Prevention is always the best course of action and The Drain Brain can explain to you what needs to be done to provide you with peace of mind.

Plan ahead, stay aware, and protect your plumbing systems with insulation and proper covering for outside systems.  A broken pipe and the water damage that results it not something to look forward to.

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