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September 17th, 2014

Top Five Plumbing Issues Around Your Home

Indoor plumbing, what a wonderful concept! But plumbing issues become a time of dismay and panic for many homeowners.  We take our running water and draining drains for granted.  No wonder homeowners and property owners get stressed when things go wrong.

The top five plumbing issues around your home are:

plumbing services in Ithaca, septic services in Ithaca1. Clogged drains – Nothing frightens a homeowner more than a clogged drain that refuses to release.  These can be avoided by being careful with what you put down the drains, especially the kitchen sink, as this is the most used and  clogged drain in the house.  One of the biggest culprits is grease being poured down the drain.  This not only clogs your pipes but can cause serious septic tank issues if you are on a private system.

As soon as you notice that your drains are sluggish, it would be wise to contact your plumbing services in Ithaca to evaluate the cause of the drains slowing.  It’s best to get to the source of the problem before the clog is causing backup into your sink or house.  Drain cleaning in Ithaca is easily dealt with by contact us here at The Drain Brain.  We are experts in plumbing issues around the home and business.

2. No hot water – Disappointing as it is to get in the shower and find there’s no hot water, it generally is a relatively simple issue.  Water heater issues are the most common reason people call plumbers. If you run out of hot water, here are a couple suggestions to start with.

• For those who have a gas water heater with a pilot light, make sure the light is lit.

• Ensure the temperature setting on the water heater is set high enough to provide adequate amounts of hot water.

• Check to make sure the water heater is big enough to meet the needs of your household.

Water heaters should also be equipped with a relief valve ( and other safety devices per the State of New York.

There is always the possibility that your water heater (electric water heater) has become unplugged or the heater coil has burned out.  Calling your local plumbing services in Ithaca such as The Drain Brain will bring your system back to life and you will have that hot water you’ve taken for granted all this time.  We just never really think about how fortunate we are until something goes wrong!

3. Dripping faucets – Dripping faucets are annoying, energy consuming, and waste water.  These drippy faucets are a common annoyance most homeowners encounter as the washers and ceramic discs in faucets wear out. Many people forcefully turn off the taps which causes the discs/washers to wear out before their time is up.  But time and age also play a factor in washers losing their usefulness.

Dripping faucets present several plumbing issues including the potential for significant water damage if the sink or tub stopper is closed.  The dripping from the faucet can easily fill and overfill the basin, causing water damage throughout your house if left long enough.

Septic services in Ithaca4. Septic Failure – If your home is on a private septic system, you have one more thing to keep an eye on a treat kindly.  Your septic system is a finely-tuned system that when something goes wrong, the plumbing issues can be catastrophic.  A clogged system, overfull tank, broken pipes, or frozen pipes can cause septic waste to back up into your home and through your sinks and tubs.

If you find your pipes starting to be sluggish, it’s important to contact your plumbing specialists in your area.  Sluggish pipes can mean just a clogged pipe or it could mean a more significant septic issue. Septic services in Ithaca can take the worry away quickly by inspecting your system, cleaning the pipes and tank, and preventing additional damage to your home.

5. Leaking water heaters – Depending on the age of your hot water heating tank, the most common reason for leaks is that the tank is old and the bottom has rusted through.  This starts with a slow leak, then over time becomes a bigger problem.  At the first sign of water on the floor near your water heater, contact your plumber for assistance.

Typically, a rusted water heater can only be dealt with by replacing the tank.  There is no repair for this plumbing issue, but the plumbing services in Ithaca that you choose, will help get your system back up and running.  It might also be a good idea to plan ahead and use safety devices or catch pans under heaters to minimize damage should a leak break through.

Deal With Plumbing Issues Before It’s Too Late

Plumbing issues are well known for causing extensive problems both in water damage and the resulting mold issues if it’s not cleaned up properly.  Being aware of your system’s potential for failure or difficulties will help prevent the worst of the damage.  Contact your plumbing services in Ithaca for septic cleaning, drain cleaning in Ithaca and any other plumbing issue that is affecting your home.

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