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May 13th, 2015

Don’t Forget Your Septic System During Spring Cleaning Time

Congratulations! We’ve made it through another tough winter. Spring has sprung even in the coldest areas and thoughts are on freshening up our homes and yards. The Drain Brain wants to remind you to have your septic system checked before heavier usage by summer guests put a strain on it.

Septic systems are commonly overlooked when it comes to maintenance. We tend to forget about this important part of our home if it seems to be running properly. The key word there is “seems” to be running properly. Without an inspection by your local Ithaca septic services provider, your septic may be in need of a cleaning and you don’t even know it.

septic systemFailure to maintain, clean, and evaluate how well your septic system is functioning can lead to the need for emergency plumbing services in Ithaca, which often results in a higher expenditure to repair damage. Septic systems, tanks, pipes and drainage fields are all subject to weather (freezing), excessive rain (flooding or backing up of system), tree roots growing into the system resulting in blockages, and common buildup of grease and non-biodegradable material from your interior plumbing.

Ithaca Septic Services Provides Inspections

Proper maintenance of a septic system should include a yearly or bi-yearly full cleaning of the tank. Depending on the amount of people in your home, the amount of water flushed through the system and the strain, your local Ithaca septic services provider can advise you on an appropriate time schedule.

Many homeowners wait until the inevitable happens and their septic system simply stops working and backs up into the house.  This never seems to happen during normal business hours, so you are stuck with having to access emergency plumbing services in Ithaca to resolve the issue.

Having a septic system malfunction or back up into your home is not a pleasant experience. Your home could sustain a fair amount of contaminated water damage, which in turn results in further clean up and disinfection.  Water damage to flooring, cabinets and wall board are often seen after a septic system has failed.

Why Do Septic Systems Fail?

We’ve all ready mentioned some common reasons:

  • Freezing
  • Tree roots
  • Grease Build-up
  • Non-biodegradable objects

There are also situations where a pipe may break from age or being crushed (never drive over your septic system area with a heavy vehicle).  Your septic pump (if you have one) may develop an electrical or mechanical issue and fail to function.  When the pump fails, that means the water in the tank cannot be pumped up to the drainage field.  This results in a back up into your indoor plumbing and drains.

septic systemObtaining the proper septic services to evaluate your system and check all the operating parts, clean out the grease trap, and empty out the tank, there is no way to know how your system is operating.  Contact your Ithaca area septic services while you are thinking about it.  Have them come out to take a look at your drainage and septic system to ascertain the condition. Older septic systems may need more frequent cleanings.

The Drain Brain is here to provide you with excellent, knowledgeable and professional services 24/7.  Emergency plumbing services in Ithaca are available as are routing service calls.  Keep your systems maintained to avoid unnecessary and expensive repairs.

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