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October 8th, 2014

How Often Should You Empty Your Septic Tank

Most people don’t think too much about their septic tank until problems arise. When it comes to  your septic services in Ithaca, The Drain Brain wants you to prevent damage to your system and home by giving you some helpful tips. Septic pumping services in Ithaca are easy to obtain, but when your tank is overflowing or backing up into your home, you want fast assistance.

septic cleaning in IthacaThe Drain Brain is available for your plumbing needs and services by appointment or on emergency basis. We like to help our customers and local homeowners understand the severity of damage that can ensue from a backed-up septic tank.

Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Attention

Maybe you’ve noticed your sink and tub drains being a bit slow to empty or you can smell waste material from your open drains. This could be an indication that your septic tank is dangerously full and needs to be tended to. If you find yourself in need of  Septic services in Tompkins County you can contact The Drain Brian for all your residential and commercial needs because once the tank fills or there’s a problem in the system (clogged pipe, broken pipe, broken pump, disconnected pumps, leach field issues) time is of the essence to prevent backup into your home.  Should backup occur, extremely contaminated dirty water will come up through the drains, overflow from the toilet(s) and if not caught in time, can cause significant damage to your home or business.

The cleanup of this sewage into your home is a nightmare.  The water damage to the floors, walls, carpet, and person belongings can be anything from minor to catastrophic in nature.  There is no insurance coverage in a typical homeowner’s policy for water damage that occurs due to backup in drains or pipes.

Again, preventing the problem in the first place is the most equitable position to take, by inspecting your system on a yearly basis you can head off potential problems down the road.

Septic Services in Ithaca

The Drain Brain provides septic services in Ithaca and will come out to your property to inspect the condition of your septic tank, providing you with both recommendations and peace of mind.  It is standard and accepted procedure to have you septic tank checked yearly and pumped out as necessary.  Some locations suggest a yearly pumping, while others say every other year.septic services in Ithaca

Tompkins County Healthy Department recommends having your system pumped every 2-4 years unless you have a garbage disposal, then every year is strongly advised.

Septic pumping services in Ithaca, provided by The Drain Brain include bringing out their septic pump truck to your property, and through a series of pipes and hoses, will remove all the water and waste material from your septic tank and in the process, they will inspect your system to see if there are any problems with your septic system.

Keeping your septic tank operating at capacity, not overloading your system with unnecessary usage, or over use, will help your septic system to continue to operate properly.  Pay attention to any sluggishness in your drains and call a plumber who provides septic services in Ithaca at the earliest sign of problems.  It’s always much easier to prevent a problem than to have to clean up a disaster.

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