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April 13th, 2015

Tompkins County Turns to The Drain Brain

When you need an emergency plumber in Tompkins Country, The Drain Brain could well be your hero in disguise. Normally we don’t think of calling a plumber in until we have a major problem on our hands.  Fortunately, there are emergency plumbing services in Tompkins County to come to your rescue.  But before you have an emergency, here are some great tips to keep things running smoothly.

The Drain BrainYour plumbing system is the life blood of your home, so to speak.  Through the maze of pipes runs the water that provides for your dishwasher, sink, bathtub and shower, water heater, and flushes out the outgoing septic or sewage pipes.  A clog, leak, or break in any of these lines can cause disruption due to lack of  water and the inevitable water damage associated with a burst pipe.

The Drain Brain is Your Plumber in Tompkins County

The Drain Brain recognizes the importance of your home’s water system operating properly. Without water, the entire home is disrupted. In fact, loss of water for cooking, cleaning, bathing can make a home inhabitable.

It is necessary to take stock of your plumbing system’s condition on a regular basis. Most homeowners are not trained in emergency plumbing services, thus should obtain the services of a licensed professional.  As an emergency plumber in Tompkins County, The Drain Brain is able to evaluate and inspect your current system to ascertain any potential repair areas.  Specifically, your plumber wants to see if there are any areas weakened by rust which could burst, any leaks at joints that need resoldering, and any old, worn out pipes that have yet to be replaced with appropriate piping.

Septic Services in Tompkins County

Plumbers work with both your internal and external water delivery system.  Your septic system is of great importance to be sure the tank is emptied regularly, the pump is working, and the exit lines from the house are clear of clogs.  Septic tanks also have a grease trap in them to catch as much grease and debris as possible.  If that is clogged or full, grease enters the main septic tank chamber, attaches itself to paper debris and such, then proceeds to clog up the entire system.

This septic tank clog could (and most likely will) result in your tank overflowing into the yard and/or back flowing into the home up through the drains.  Definitely not a pretty sight or experience.  Septic systems are generally reliable when proper care is given them and cleaning is on a regular basis.

The Drain BrainEmergency plumbing services in Tompkins County can easily be obtained by contacting The Drain Brain to come to your home and get the repair process underway should a breakage or backup occur.  The point though is that proper maintenance of your entire water/sewage delivery system has to be maintained just like any other part of your home.

We always tend to expect water to come out of the faucet, the toilets to flush, and the dishwasher to run.  A sudden burst pipe can become not only a loss of water but an expensive repair and clean up.

Have a plumber in Tompkins County like The Drain Brain come out to your home to inspect your current system and make recommendations for any repairs or replacements now before damage occurs.

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