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July 15th, 2015

The Drain Brain, Your Local Septic System Experts

Many homes and properties in the Ithaca area utilize septic systems to dispose of household water waste. Unlike urban areas that connect to the sewer grid, rural homes must rely on their septic system that is located right on the property along with their well for water. Septic pumping services in Ithaca area keep busy with emergency calls when a home’s system has overflowed or ceased to operate properly.

The Drain Brain is your Ithaca area septic system experts and although we do provide 24/7 emergency plumbing Septic Tank Services in Ithacaservices, we recommend regular maintenance of your septic system before disaster strikes.

Septic Pumping Services in Ithaca

Keeping your septic system running at optimal conditions is a matter of proper maintenance. As a homeowner, you must realize that the system is meant to handle household water waste and not solids or non-biodegradable items. The system itself is rather complex and consists of piping from the house to bring the waste to the holding tank. The holding tank has a grease trap to catch excess grease (which goes down the sink drain) and the whole system operates on a pump which moves the waste water up into the leach field.

The Drain Brain recommends your septic system be cleaned out on a regular basis. Standard usage would require a full cleaning every 3 years, while a system used by a family or which has heavy usage should be cleaned yearly.

What Can Go Wrong

Septic system experts in the Ithaca area are often called out for systems that have backed up, overflowed, frozen, pipes have broken or pipes have blocked due to inorganic materials accidentally being flushed. Also, if the pump to the leach field fails, then that can cause problems as well.

The Drain BrainThe Drain Brain is available to evaluate your system and determine if all is working well. If you haven’t used septic pumping services in Ithaca for your system, this would be the perfect time of year to obtain a full cleaning. Leaving the septic system up to chance to work properly is asking for trouble.

Waking up to the putrid odor of waste material and finding that it has backed up in your drains and tub is not a pleasant experience. Waste can also overflow into the basement, soaking anything you have stored down there.

The Drain Brain is Your Septic System Expert in Ithaca

In Ithaca you can count on the knowledge, expertise, professional and well-trained technicians who can evaluate your system and save you money by providing septic pumping services before a failure occurs.

Drain cleaning in Ithaca is just as important as septic cleaning.  The drains and pipes that remove waste and sewage water from your home can become clogged with material, as well as suffering cracks and breaks.  Outside of the home, pipes crack and freeze from intense weather conditions, become clogged due to tree roots forcing their way through weak points in the pipes.

With the assurance that your plumbing and septic systems are working at optimal performance, are clean, the grease trap has been cleaned off, pipes checked for breakage, root growth, and clogs…you can have peace of mind. Call The Drain Brain today to have your waste disposal system cleaned and evaluated.



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