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Many homes and properties in the Ithaca area utilize septic systems to dispose of household water waste. Unlike urban areas that connect to the sewer grid, rural homes must rely on their septic system that is located right on the property along with their well for water. Septic pumping services in Ithaca area keep busy with emergency calls when a home’s system has overflowed or ceased to operate properly.

The Drain Brain is your Ithaca area septic system experts and although we do provide 24/7 emergency plumbing Septic Tank Services in Ithacaservices, we recommend regular maintenance of your septic system before disaster strikes.

Septic Pumping Services in Ithaca

Keeping your septic system running at optimal conditions is a matter of proper maintenance. As a homeowner, you must realize that the system is meant to handle household water waste and not solids or non-biodegradable items. The system itself is rather complex and consists of piping from the house to bring the waste to the holding tank. The holding tank has a grease trap to catch excess grease (which goes down the sink drain) and the whole system operates on a pump which moves the waste water up into the leach field.

The Drain Brain recommends your septic system be cleaned out on a regular basis. Standard usage would require a full cleaning every 3 years, while a system used by a family or which has heavy usage should be cleaned yearly.

What Can Go Wrong

Septic system experts in the Ithaca area are often called out for systems that have backed up, overflowed, frozen, pipes have broken or pipes have blocked due to inorganic materials accidentally being flushed. Also, if the pump to the leach field fails, then that can cause problems as well.

The Drain BrainThe Drain Brain is available to evaluate your system and determine if all is working well. If you haven’t used septic pumping services in Ithaca for your system, this would be the perfect time of year to obtain a full cleaning. Leaving the septic system up to chance to work properly is asking for trouble.

Waking up to the putrid odor of waste material and finding that it has backed up in your drains and tub is not a pleasant experience. Waste can also overflow into the basement, soaking anything you have stored down there.

The Drain Brain is Your Septic System Expert in Ithaca

In Ithaca you can count on the knowledge, expertise, professional and well-trained technicians who can evaluate your system and save you money by providing septic pumping services before a failure occurs.

Drain cleaning in Ithaca is just as important as septic cleaning.  The drains and pipes that remove waste and sewage water from your home can become clogged with material, as well as suffering cracks and breaks.  Outside of the home, pipes crack and freeze from intense weather conditions, become clogged due to tree roots forcing their way through weak points in the pipes.

With the assurance that your plumbing and septic systems are working at optimal performance, are clean, the grease trap has been cleaned off, pipes checked for breakage, root growth, and clogs…you can have peace of mind. Call The Drain Brain today to have your waste disposal system cleaned and evaluated.



Congratulations! We’ve made it through another tough winter. Spring has sprung even in the coldest areas and thoughts are on freshening up our homes and yards. The Drain Brain wants to remind you to have your septic system checked before heavier usage by summer guests put a strain on it.

Septic systems are commonly overlooked when it comes to maintenance. We tend to forget about this important part of our home if it seems to be running properly. The key word there is “seems” to be running properly. Without an inspection by your local Ithaca septic services provider, your septic may be in need of a cleaning and you don’t even know it.

septic systemFailure to maintain, clean, and evaluate how well your septic system is functioning can lead to the need for emergency plumbing services in Ithaca, which often results in a higher expenditure to repair damage. Septic systems, tanks, pipes and drainage fields are all subject to weather (freezing), excessive rain (flooding or backing up of system), tree roots growing into the system resulting in blockages, and common buildup of grease and non-biodegradable material from your interior plumbing.

Ithaca Septic Services Provides Inspections

Proper maintenance of a septic system should include a yearly or bi-yearly full cleaning of the tank. Depending on the amount of people in your home, the amount of water flushed through the system and the strain, your local Ithaca septic services provider can advise you on an appropriate time schedule.

Many homeowners wait until the inevitable happens and their septic system simply stops working and backs up into the house.  This never seems to happen during normal business hours, so you are stuck with having to access emergency plumbing services in Ithaca to resolve the issue.

Having a septic system malfunction or back up into your home is not a pleasant experience. Your home could sustain a fair amount of contaminated water damage, which in turn results in further clean up and disinfection.  Water damage to flooring, cabinets and wall board are often seen after a septic system has failed.

Why Do Septic Systems Fail?

We’ve all ready mentioned some common reasons:

  • Freezing
  • Tree roots
  • Grease Build-up
  • Non-biodegradable objects

There are also situations where a pipe may break from age or being crushed (never drive over your septic system area with a heavy vehicle).  Your septic pump (if you have one) may develop an electrical or mechanical issue and fail to function.  When the pump fails, that means the water in the tank cannot be pumped up to the drainage field.  This results in a back up into your indoor plumbing and drains.

septic systemObtaining the proper septic services to evaluate your system and check all the operating parts, clean out the grease trap, and empty out the tank, there is no way to know how your system is operating.  Contact your Ithaca area septic services while you are thinking about it.  Have them come out to take a look at your drainage and septic system to ascertain the condition. Older septic systems may need more frequent cleanings.

The Drain Brain is here to provide you with excellent, knowledgeable and professional services 24/7.  Emergency plumbing services in Ithaca are available as are routing service calls.  Keep your systems maintained to avoid unnecessary and expensive repairs.

When you need an emergency plumber in Tompkins Country, The Drain Brain could well be your hero in disguise. Normally we don’t think of calling a plumber in until we have a major problem on our hands.  Fortunately, there are emergency plumbing services in Tompkins County to come to your rescue.  But before you have an emergency, here are some great tips to keep things running smoothly.

The Drain BrainYour plumbing system is the life blood of your home, so to speak.  Through the maze of pipes runs the water that provides for your dishwasher, sink, bathtub and shower, water heater, and flushes out the outgoing septic or sewage pipes.  A clog, leak, or break in any of these lines can cause disruption due to lack of  water and the inevitable water damage associated with a burst pipe.

The Drain Brain is Your Plumber in Tompkins County

The Drain Brain recognizes the importance of your home’s water system operating properly. Without water, the entire home is disrupted. In fact, loss of water for cooking, cleaning, bathing can make a home inhabitable.

It is necessary to take stock of your plumbing system’s condition on a regular basis. Most homeowners are not trained in emergency plumbing services, thus should obtain the services of a licensed professional.  As an emergency plumber in Tompkins County, The Drain Brain is able to evaluate and inspect your current system to ascertain any potential repair areas.  Specifically, your plumber wants to see if there are any areas weakened by rust which could burst, any leaks at joints that need resoldering, and any old, worn out pipes that have yet to be replaced with appropriate piping.

Septic Services in Tompkins County

Plumbers work with both your internal and external water delivery system.  Your septic system is of great importance to be sure the tank is emptied regularly, the pump is working, and the exit lines from the house are clear of clogs.  Septic tanks also have a grease trap in them to catch as much grease and debris as possible.  If that is clogged or full, grease enters the main septic tank chamber, attaches itself to paper debris and such, then proceeds to clog up the entire system.

This septic tank clog could (and most likely will) result in your tank overflowing into the yard and/or back flowing into the home up through the drains.  Definitely not a pretty sight or experience.  Septic systems are generally reliable when proper care is given them and cleaning is on a regular basis.

The Drain BrainEmergency plumbing services in Tompkins County can easily be obtained by contacting The Drain Brain to come to your home and get the repair process underway should a breakage or backup occur.  The point though is that proper maintenance of your entire water/sewage delivery system has to be maintained just like any other part of your home.

We always tend to expect water to come out of the faucet, the toilets to flush, and the dishwasher to run.  A sudden burst pipe can become not only a loss of water but an expensive repair and clean up.

Have a plumber in Tompkins County like The Drain Brain come out to your home to inspect your current system and make recommendations for any repairs or replacements now before damage occurs.

The frigid, harsh conditions of a typical Finger Lakes Winter doesn’t have to result in frozen pipes.  The Drain Brain your septic service provider in Tompkins County, wants you to be prepared with some handy tips to septic services in Ithacahelp you protect your property from water damage and emergency plumbing services in Ithaca.

No one wants to wake in the middle of the night to the sound of water flowing freely from a burst pipe, but if you do…call your local Ithaca plumber for immediate assistance.  While waiting for your plumber to arrive, locate the water turn off valve to the burst/frozen pipe and shut the system down.

If your pipe has not yet burst, you can possibly warm up the pipe carefully and relieve the frozen section.

Septic systems also can freeze up, and with the unusually cold winter we are having, extra steps need to be taken to ensure a functioning system.  If your septic system becomes frozen due to the temperatures, Ithaca septic services can offer you emergency plumbing services through The Drain Brain.

Frozen Pipes – Prevention Tips

The American Red Cross has some awesome information for winter preparedness and how to keep your plumbing functioning optimally during these cold months.

“Keep garage doors closed if there are water supply lines in the garage.

  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. Be sure to move any harmful cleaners and household chemicals up out of the reach of children.
  • When the weather is very cold outside, let the cold water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes. Running water through the pipe – even at a trickle – helps prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Keep the thermostat set to the same temperature both during the day and at night. By temporarily suspending the use of lower nighttime temperatures, you may Ithaca emergency plumbing servicesincur a higher heating bill, but you can prevent a much more costly repair job if pipes freeze and burst.
  • If you will be going away during cold weather, leave the heat on in your home, set to a temperature no lower than 55° F.  (American Red Cross

Before the onset of cold weather, prevent freezing of these water supply lines and pipes by following these recommendations:

  • Drain water from swimming pool and water sprinkler supply lines following manufacturer’s or installer’s directions. Do not put antifreeze in these lines unless directed. Antifreeze is environmentally harmful, and is dangerous to humans, pets, wildlife, and landscaping.
  • Remove, drain, and store hoses used outdoors. Close inside valves supplying outdoor hose bibs. Open the outside hose bibs to allow water to drain. Keep the outside valve open so that any water remaining in the pipe can expand without causing the pipe to break.
  • Check around the home for other areas where water supply lines are located in unheated areas. Look in the basement, crawl space, attic, garage, and under kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Both hot and cold water pipes in these areas should be insulated.
  • Consider installing specific products made to insulate water pipes like a “pipe sleeve” or installing UL-listed “heat tape,” “heat cable,” or similar materials on exposed water pipes. Newspaper can provide some degree of insulation and protection to exposed pipes – even ¼” of newspaper can provide significant protection in areas that usually do not have frequent or prolonged temperatures below freezing.

Frozen Pipes and What to Do

Sometimes, no matter how much you plan or are prepared, pipes freeze and burst, and septic systems freeze up without warning.  If you think your plumbing is in Ithaca septic servicestrouble and you need septic services in Tompkins County, remember that The Drain Brain provides Ithaca septic services on an emergency basis 24/7.

Frozen septic systems can cause a serious back up of contaminated water into your home.  Early signs that your septic may be struggling are slow draining sinks and tubs, gurgling and sluggish flushing of toilets…and as the freeze sinks deeper into the system and pipes, material that is flushed or drained will begin to come back up into your sinks.  Toilets won’t flush.  And some very unpleasant odors are sure to become an issue.

If you are noticing or have experience a lack of water coming from your faucets, this most likely indicates you have frozen pipes and they need immediate attention.  First, open the faucets, then locate the frozen section of your pipes.  Usually you will find that the frozen pipe is one which is either running along a cold outside wall (and not insulated) or under the house in the crawl space or unheated basement.

Once you locate the section of frozen pipes, set about attempting to thaw the section by wrapping with a heating pad, using an electric blow dryer on the area, or a space heater if the area is relatively small and there are no combustible materials nearby.

You will know that your efforts are working as water begins to flow through the pipes again and come out of the faucets you left open.  The Drain Brain recommends that you follow the above preparedness tips once you have relieved the frozen pipe.

Remember that if your pipes have burst or your septic system is frozen, you need professional services.  Call The Drain Brain 24/7 for emergency plumbing services in Ithaca.

Business and homeowners alike live stressful, busy lives full of commitment and responsibility. The one thing that they both fear is a major plumbing issue. Having emergency plumbing services in Ithaca from the Drain Brain,brings peace of mind and relief to many people faced with the potential disaster a plumbing problem can entail.

Ithaca septic servicesIssues with your water carrying pipes and disposal system can arise for many reasons. Sometimes old pipes and soldered joints wear out and leak causing water damage or a full out pipe break pouring water into the surround area. Sinks and toilets clog due to material being flushed or washed down the drain that clog the smaller pipes and cause a sluggish drainage or an out right back up into the sink, bathtub, or toilet.

Then there are septic system issues that require the expert services of the Drain Brain septic services in Tompkins County to mitigate damages as quickly as possible. This is why emergency plumbing services in Ithaca exist to help lessen the damage, repair the broken piping, and put your water system back on line.

Ithaca Septic Services

Along with the typical problems with interior pipes which could result in a need for the Drain Brain’s emergency plumbing services in Ithaca, your septic system is an integral part of your entire water drainage units.

Septic tanks and the pipes leading into and out of them can become clogged by material that is not biodegradable or because the grease traps are full, the grease has coagulated around the pipe entrance and captured waste materials, thus clogging the entrance.

emergency plumbing services in IthacaThe cold of winter brings on other problems as well, like the major delivery pipes freezing due to the excessive cold. This can generally be remedied by warming the pipes (your Ithaca Septic Services knows how to do this without causing damage. Do not attempt yourself) and allowing the waste water to again flow.

In harsh winter climates remember to NOT plow, shovel or otherwise remove the insulating snow cover from the septic tank or the entrance and exit pipes. Most systems are barely 18 inches underground. Frost can reach 2 feet or more in severe climates. Uncovering the ground or removing the snow cover which acts as insulation puts your septic system at extreme risk for freezing.

Septic systems also can become full and overflow back into the interior pipes. If you encounter clogged pipes, water backup into the sink or tub, toilets not flushing…when all these appear to happen at the same time, the most likely culprit is the septic tank or piping.

Emergency Plumbing Services in Ithaca

The Drain Brain provides septic services in Ithaca along with 24 hour emergency plumbing services to mitigate damages and get your system emergency plumbing services in Tompkins Countyback up and running. Don’t let a small water leak issue become a major concern. Call The Drain Brain immediately to have the issue evaluated and repaired.

Protecting your home or business from significant water damage is an important part of home maintenance. Most insurance policies will not cover water damage resulting from faulty or poor maintenance, and the pipes are not covered if they break (so all repairs and labor for plumbing is your responsibility).

Addressing plumbing issues before they become disastrous is the best way to go. Call your local plumber in Tompkins County for assistance. Don’t forget that The Drain Brain offers emergency plumbing services in Ithaca and can be at your property anytime of the day or night.

The days of warm weather are now past and the dropping temperatures of winter can play havoc with your septic system. The Drain Brain, Ithaca septic services wants you to be able to get through the winter with the least amount of septic system issues as possible.  Septic systems are susceptible to damage from freezing temperatures simply due to the nature of the pipes being underground and somewhat exposed to the Northeast elements.

Ithaca Septic ServicesWhen a septic system is installed, there are specific recommendations provided which dictate how deep the system and pipes should be to prevent freeze ups and ensure that the system works properly.  Any deviation from the recommended depth requirements from settling or heaving, can put your septic system at risk.

Our septic services in Tompkins County sees many freeze ups of underground systems when the temperatures fall sharply below freezing before there are any significant snowfalls for the season.  The reason for this is simply that the snow acts as an insulating blanket for the pipes and system.  If the temperatures fall low enough, without snow cover, the frost can get much deeper into the ground and reach the septic system pipes.

Frozen pipes in your septic system will then cause a backup into your home or business because the disposed water and waste cannot get out into the septic tank itself and may end up in the leach field causing unseen damage and as the frozen pipe section continues to freeze, it follows the pipe into the tank itself and begins to cause freezing in the tank as well.

How Deep is Deep Enough ?

The first thing is to be sure your system is adequately covered with the appropriate amount of gravel and fill as recommended.  Know where your septic system is located and in which direction the pipes run.  Always be aware that damage can occur to the pipes if heavy equipment drives over them, freezing temperatures get to them, or you inadvertently uncover the lines during the winter season.

This is important.  In the winter, no matter what, if you have a good snow covering over your septic system, do NOT uncover, snow blow or plow the area near or around the system.  Uncovering the system and the pipes leading in and out will allow the damaging temperatures to sink deeper into the ground and potentially freeze up your lines.

“Plastic drain pipes are usually buried at least 18″ and bedded in sand to avoid mechanical damage to the pipe. But building main drains (upper right circle in our photo at left) are often not below the frost line outdoors and in a freezing climate such as New York, the lines depend on proper slope to drain into a septic tank or into a municipal sewer main to avoid freezing.

So the waste piping depth is more determined by using the required pipe slope (1/8″ to 1/4″ per linear foot) and working backwards from the septic tank or municipal sewer line connection point and the property’s own elevation and slope.” (Inspectapedia )


What To Do When a Septic System Freeze Up Occurs

Whatever you do, do not try to dig up the system. Again, this could allow the freezing temperatures to affect the system and what may have been a small Ithaca septic servicesproblem can become a huge issue.  Call The Drain Brain for emergency plumbing services in Ithaca as they are available 24/7 to provide you with expert and professional assistance in the event of a freeze up or any other plumbing issues.

The Drain Brian Ithaca septic services can easily and quickly thaw out the pipes to your septic system, and make sure that the entire unit is working properly. Our septic services in Tompkins County have seen many years where the freezing temperatures hit the area before any significant snow totals. Be prepared and consider calling your local plumbing services in Tompkins County area for advice on how best to protect your septic system and property.

The Drain Brain is available as your Ithaca septic services and plumbing expert seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day including emergency plumbing services in the Ithaca area.  Be ready before the winter strikes it’s hardest.

The Drain Brain works  with many business and homeowners in the Tompkins County  area to keep their plumbing systems running smoothly even available for 24 septic services in Ithacaemergency plumbing services.  Our Ithaca septic system expert recommends that restaurant owners keep their grease traps cleaned on a regular basis to avoid unnecessary business interruptions.

As a restaurant owner, your job is to prepare and serve delicious food, keep your restaurant clean, and follow the recommended codes to provide a healthy and safe environment. You are not trained in plumbing or grease trap cleanings, and why would you want to be?

Business owners would find themselves well-served to have a working relationship with The Drain Brain, we can meet their needs and provide experienced service to their restaurant or other business locations.

Grease Traps – What Are They?

A grease trap is located in the sewer and drainage system of your restaurant.  All drainage systems should be equipped with a grease trap to catch and contain the residue that is flushed into the system from cooking and cleaning. Our Ithaca area grease trap cleaning services can easily show you were your grease trap is and explain the process by which it works. A grease trap is there to catch the fats and oils before they can clog up your plumbing system, pipes, and sewer.

Reasons to Clean Your Grease Traps

The most important part to cleaning your grease traps, according to The Drain Brain, is to provide essential functionality to your entire plumbing system and yogrease traps cleaning in Tompkins Countyur restaurant business. The grease traps must be cleaned regularly in order to provide optimal service and liquid discharge from your system. Our Ithaca septic services sees the most benefit to customers by engaging in regular grease trap cleaning and servicing.

So How Often Should Grease Traps Be Cleaned?

Your Ithaca area plumbing and septic expert realizes that a restaurant business produces a heavy amount of grease that potentially can stop your business cold. If your restaurant produces a large amount of grease, fats and oils that are regularly flushed down the drains, regular grease trap cleaning is highly recommended. You can monitor the condition of your grease traps by visually inspecting them daily for unusual build-up of residue.

For restaurants that have a lighter grease disposal usage, The Drain Brain recommends a minimum of a monthly cleaning to keep your system running smoothly. Again, utilizing your local plumbing services and building a solid working relationship with them will help you to understand the exact needs of your disposal systems. A grease trap becomes ineffective when it is clogged with fats and oils, thereby dispersing the materials into the main septic or sewage system. The results of a clogged grease trap tends to cause a back-up into the pipes and then the potential for clogged drains as well.

Mandatory Regulations Affecting Grease Traps

In New York, restaurants, hospitals, day cares and other such businesses are required to have a licensed plumber install grease traps (also known as grease interceptors) in all plumbing systems.

“Every business or establishment that produces and disposes of fat, oil or grease (FOGs), such as restaurants, food processing establishments, hospitals, and day care and senior centers, must have a grease interceptor system to prevent the discharge of waste grease into the City’s sewer systems. Grease interceptors prevent FOGs from entering and clogging sewer lines by separating the FOGs from the normal wastewater stream. Grease interceptors should grease traps restauranthave all grease removed as frequently as necessary to avoid exceeding the interceptor’s rated capacity. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) routinely sends inspectors to verify that such businesses have appropriate and well-maintained grease interceptor systems. Communicating the importance of proper grease handling to a business’s employees is often one of the most effective ways of ensuring compliance. Please visit the links below for a copy of DEP’s grease-related regulations and more information about best management practices for FOGs, or contact DEP using the contact information listed below.

DEP requires that only licensed plumbers install grease interceptors. A licensed plumber can determine the required size of grease interceptor needed depending on the size and nature of your business.”  Per City of New York (

Who To Call For Plumbing Services in Tompkins County

The Tompkins County area is serviced by The Drain Brain, your Tompkins County area septic and emergency plumbing experts for both commercial and residential needs. All businesses that produce a large amount of grease into the drainage systems must have a grease trap interceptor in order to reduce the amount of residue that is sent into the sewer system of the County and city areas.

Contact your local septic professional for grease trap cleaning recommendations as it pertains to your restaurant’s usage and demands.  Remember, failure to keep your system running smoothly will result in unnecessary costs and potential loss of business, as well as issues with health regulations. Contact The Drain Brain for all your emergency plumbing needs.

Most people don’t think too much about their septic tank until problems arise. When it comes to  your septic services in Ithaca, The Drain Brain wants you to prevent damage to your system and home by giving you some helpful tips. Septic pumping services in Ithaca are easy to obtain, but when your tank is overflowing or backing up into your home, you want fast assistance.

septic cleaning in IthacaThe Drain Brain is available for your plumbing needs and services by appointment or on emergency basis. We like to help our customers and local homeowners understand the severity of damage that can ensue from a backed-up septic tank.

Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Attention

Maybe you’ve noticed your sink and tub drains being a bit slow to empty or you can smell waste material from your open drains. This could be an indication that your septic tank is dangerously full and needs to be tended to. If you find yourself in need of  Septic services in Tompkins County you can contact The Drain Brian for all your residential and commercial needs because once the tank fills or there’s a problem in the system (clogged pipe, broken pipe, broken pump, disconnected pumps, leach field issues) time is of the essence to prevent backup into your home.  Should backup occur, extremely contaminated dirty water will come up through the drains, overflow from the toilet(s) and if not caught in time, can cause significant damage to your home or business.

The cleanup of this sewage into your home is a nightmare.  The water damage to the floors, walls, carpet, and person belongings can be anything from minor to catastrophic in nature.  There is no insurance coverage in a typical homeowner’s policy for water damage that occurs due to backup in drains or pipes.

Again, preventing the problem in the first place is the most equitable position to take, by inspecting your system on a yearly basis you can head off potential problems down the road.

Septic Services in Ithaca

The Drain Brain provides septic services in Ithaca and will come out to your property to inspect the condition of your septic tank, providing you with both recommendations and peace of mind.  It is standard and accepted procedure to have you septic tank checked yearly and pumped out as necessary.  Some locations suggest a yearly pumping, while others say every other year.septic services in Ithaca

Tompkins County Healthy Department recommends having your system pumped every 2-4 years unless you have a garbage disposal, then every year is strongly advised.

Septic pumping services in Ithaca, provided by The Drain Brain include bringing out their septic pump truck to your property, and through a series of pipes and hoses, will remove all the water and waste material from your septic tank and in the process, they will inspect your system to see if there are any problems with your septic system.

Keeping your septic tank operating at capacity, not overloading your system with unnecessary usage, or over use, will help your septic system to continue to operate properly.  Pay attention to any sluggishness in your drains and call a plumber who provides septic services in Ithaca at the earliest sign of problems.  It’s always much easier to prevent a problem than to have to clean up a disaster.

Indoor plumbing, what a wonderful concept! But plumbing issues become a time of dismay and panic for many homeowners.  We take our running water and draining drains for granted.  No wonder homeowners and property owners get stressed when things go wrong.

The top five plumbing issues around your home are:

plumbing services in Ithaca, septic services in Ithaca1. Clogged drains – Nothing frightens a homeowner more than a clogged drain that refuses to release.  These can be avoided by being careful with what you put down the drains, especially the kitchen sink, as this is the most used and  clogged drain in the house.  One of the biggest culprits is grease being poured down the drain.  This not only clogs your pipes but can cause serious septic tank issues if you are on a private system.

As soon as you notice that your drains are sluggish, it would be wise to contact your plumbing services in Ithaca to evaluate the cause of the drains slowing.  It’s best to get to the source of the problem before the clog is causing backup into your sink or house.  Drain cleaning in Ithaca is easily dealt with by contact us here at The Drain Brain.  We are experts in plumbing issues around the home and business.

2. No hot water – Disappointing as it is to get in the shower and find there’s no hot water, it generally is a relatively simple issue.  Water heater issues are the most common reason people call plumbers. If you run out of hot water, here are a couple suggestions to start with.

• For those who have a gas water heater with a pilot light, make sure the light is lit.

• Ensure the temperature setting on the water heater is set high enough to provide adequate amounts of hot water.

• Check to make sure the water heater is big enough to meet the needs of your household.

Water heaters should also be equipped with a relief valve ( and other safety devices per the State of New York.

There is always the possibility that your water heater (electric water heater) has become unplugged or the heater coil has burned out.  Calling your local plumbing services in Ithaca such as The Drain Brain will bring your system back to life and you will have that hot water you’ve taken for granted all this time.  We just never really think about how fortunate we are until something goes wrong!

3. Dripping faucets – Dripping faucets are annoying, energy consuming, and waste water.  These drippy faucets are a common annoyance most homeowners encounter as the washers and ceramic discs in faucets wear out. Many people forcefully turn off the taps which causes the discs/washers to wear out before their time is up.  But time and age also play a factor in washers losing their usefulness.

Dripping faucets present several plumbing issues including the potential for significant water damage if the sink or tub stopper is closed.  The dripping from the faucet can easily fill and overfill the basin, causing water damage throughout your house if left long enough.

Septic services in Ithaca4. Septic Failure – If your home is on a private septic system, you have one more thing to keep an eye on a treat kindly.  Your septic system is a finely-tuned system that when something goes wrong, the plumbing issues can be catastrophic.  A clogged system, overfull tank, broken pipes, or frozen pipes can cause septic waste to back up into your home and through your sinks and tubs.

If you find your pipes starting to be sluggish, it’s important to contact your plumbing specialists in your area.  Sluggish pipes can mean just a clogged pipe or it could mean a more significant septic issue. Septic services in Ithaca can take the worry away quickly by inspecting your system, cleaning the pipes and tank, and preventing additional damage to your home.

5. Leaking water heaters – Depending on the age of your hot water heating tank, the most common reason for leaks is that the tank is old and the bottom has rusted through.  This starts with a slow leak, then over time becomes a bigger problem.  At the first sign of water on the floor near your water heater, contact your plumber for assistance.

Typically, a rusted water heater can only be dealt with by replacing the tank.  There is no repair for this plumbing issue, but the plumbing services in Ithaca that you choose, will help get your system back up and running.  It might also be a good idea to plan ahead and use safety devices or catch pans under heaters to minimize damage should a leak break through.

Deal With Plumbing Issues Before It’s Too Late

Plumbing issues are well known for causing extensive problems both in water damage and the resulting mold issues if it’s not cleaned up properly.  Being aware of your system’s potential for failure or difficulties will help prevent the worst of the damage.  Contact your plumbing services in Ithaca for septic cleaning, drain cleaning in Ithaca and any other plumbing issue that is affecting your home.

Since 1991, The Drain Brain has been servicing Tompkins County and surrounding areas. Whether you need septic pumping services in Ithaca, or septic cleaning in Elmira, call on The Drain Brain for prompt, reliable, professional service at your home or business.

septic cleaning in ElmiraMany people leave their septic cleaning in Ithaca until an emergency occurs.Waiting until your septic tank overflows or back flows into your home is obviously a point when it is too late.  Preventing back ups and overflows requires regular maintenance of your septic system. It is recommended that your septic system be checked yearly, the grease traps cleaned, and you consider drain cleaning services in Elmira on a regular basis.

A septic system will serve a home for a long time if it is properly located, designed, constructed and maintained. However, even the best designed and installed septic system will eventually fail without periodic maintenance. This guide briefly describes septic system components and how they should be maintained.(

The damage caused by an unmaintained system is not covered by most insurance companies on your homeowner’s policy. So it is strongly recommended that you have your plumbing and septic inspected, evaluated, and maintained on a regular schedule.

Drain cleaning in Ithaca is a relatively simple procedure at a reasonable cost, which could save you thousands of dollars in damages and clean up down the road. In Tompkins County, NY and surrounding areas you can reach The Drain Brain and obtain septic pumping services.

Understanding Maintenance of Septic Systems

Many properties in the Tompkins County area are subject to the use of private septic systems to deal with the household waste water. The septic system itself is a simple make up of drainage pipes exiting the dwelling, running into a cement holding tank, which them drains out into the leach field.

The septic tank itself is a holding tank equipped with a grease trap which catches solid materials which are flushed down the drain from cooking and cleaning.  This grease trap needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging in the system.  Failure to clean the grease trap can cause paper and other slowly deteriorating items to get trapped and eventually clog the main pipe which prevents the household water waste from entering the tank.

septic cleaning in ElmiraWhen that entrance pipe becomes clogged, the back up into your home or basement can be quite disastrous.  Some of the first signs would be a gurgling from the sink or tub drains when you are emptying out either one.  This gurgle is telling you that the drains, pipes or septic tank are dangerously clogged or full.

Maintaining your septic system does require the profession plumber and septic service to dig up the tank, remove the cover, and inspect the system. Most people wait until they have to pay the larger bill of septic pumping services in Ithaca. What could have been dealt with for a lesser cost, time, and energy must now be dealt with by pumping out the septic holding tank and a much larger bill.

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